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    Announcement on Application for the Summer Program of University of California, Davis
    Date:2019-03-19 ????View:

        In order to promot the internationalization of the education in CAU, enlarge students’ global vision and strengthen their international competence, University of California, Davis, a cooperation partner of the CAU, opened the summer class for CAU students. Students who are interested please apply on the following website: https://cie.ucdavis.edu/applications/global-study-program-application  

    Term of the Summer Program:

    Summer Session   I

    Summer Session   II   

    Application   Deadline 

    April 1,2019

    April 1,2019

    Term Begin

    June 21,2019

    August 2,2019

    Term End

    August 2,2019

    September   13,2019  

    Appendix1: Program Information

    Appendix2: Application Procedure

    Background Information

        University of California, Davis, established in 1908, is one of the world top research universities and is a member of world renowned UC (University of California) system. The university ranks No. 60 in 2018 U.S. News & World Report World University Rankings. It’s a member of World Top 5 Agricultural University Alliance (A5 Alliance) together with CAU and also in long-term cooperation with CAU.

    International Office

    Mar. 19, 2019

    Appendix Download:

        Appendix 1:UC Davis Global Study Program Details 2019-20.pdf

        Appendix 2:Global Study Program Application Process 2019-2020-summer.pdf

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